The Motto - Great satisfaction in providing clothing with lasting beauty and pleasure.
True to our motto, our endeavor is to identify, create, service and make available fabric and garments that leave an everlasting mark of total customer satisfaction.
  The Corporate

Vogue Vestures Pvt Ltd (VVPL) a Bangalore based textile and fabric industry, pioneered in the field of Marketing, Distribution & manufacturing of fabrics for over 80 years have built a sound and solid reputation with businesses nationally and internationally in textile and fabric industry that is second to none.

VVPL, activities such as garment manufacturing, distribution and marketing of garments from reputed domestic brands in India are far exceeding customer’s expectations and requirements.


  • 1987 – The corporate established a Ready made garment section and Vikram Traders to cater the garment exporters and domestic branded garment manufactures.
  • 1989 – A garment distribution division was formed to cater the retailers of state of Karnataka for brand called “Trigger” from the house of KG Denim’s.
  • 1995 – Denim Trading Division was started with sole distribution of KG Denim Ltd.
  • 1999 – Another Milestone of Denim Trading Division, “No 1 South India Dealer in Denim’s”
  • 2000 – To constantly optimize the operation, bringing new concept and expand the service to customer more effectively, the corporate shifted to a larger space of 6500 sq ft at lalbagh road.
  • 2003 – The expansion of Denim Trading Division was marked by adding more brands like LEVI’s and Dockers.

    Today VVPL distribute levi, dockers, addidas and signature by levi’s.

    Another Millstone – was to step up further in retailing by opening exclusive stores for levi, dockers and addidas at jayanagar.
  • 2004 – Vogue Vestures Pvt Ltd was established as corporate identity and Flagship Company of the group.
  • 2004 – By end of 2005 financial year, the group achieved a sales turnover of 11.5 million USD.

Other sister concern companies:

  • Vogue Clothing: Distribution of brands like Levis, Dockers, Adidas, Signature.
  • Vogue Ventures (p) Ltd. –Importers & Distributors, Manufacturer fabrics.
    Out sourcing agent for Levi Strauss India Pvt Ltd and importers of fabrics & accessories.
  • Vikram Traders – Manufacturer of fabrics, accessories and distributors of fabrics for garment exporter and domestic garment brands.

The Core Activities:

  • Supply of fabrics manufactured by Vikram Traders to the garment export and domestic garment industry.
  • Distribution and marketing of fabrics manufactured by leading mills like the Arvind Mills Limited, K.G.Denim Ltd, Ashima Dyecot Limited, Raymonds Ltd, Malwa Denims, Nahar Manufacturers etc.and other Fabric manufacturing Mills in India.

The Promoters

  • Mr.Suresh Bhandari- in charge of administration, marketing.
    Partner with an experience of over 18 years in the export of garments, branded ready made garments and supply of processed fabric to the other garment manufacturers.
  • Mr.Meetesh Bhandari – in charge of fabrics manufacturing activities, production, and supplies. He has experience over 9 years in the textile industry.
  • Mr.Vikram Bhandari – in charge of finance, marketing, distribution and has experience of over 8 years in the textile and garment industry.
  • Mr.Sumeet Bhandari – in charge of marketing of Adidas and range of products and has experience of 3 years in garment industry.
  • Mr.Rajath Bhandari – in charge of marketing of Levi, Dockers, Signature and range of products and has experience of 3 years in garment industry.

The Performance

Volume of Business: The volume of business reached by us a single most indication of the transaction we at Vikram Traders do. The monthly metreage of fabric sold by us stands today at 550,000 meters per month of which about 200,000 meters is manufactured by us and over 350,000 meters per month are outsourced and marketed by us. The outsourced material is sourced through leading Textile mills all over India.

The Financial Turnover:

The Vogue Vestures Pvt Ltd. has reached an annual turnover of over 500 million in sales, out of which the turnover of Vikram Traders is about 250 million . This is stipulated to grow further taking into account the ambitious growth plans set in motion.

The Infrastructure

To sustain and facilitate the ambitious growth plans of the group, Vogue Vestures Pvt Ltd. has laid in place the necessary infrastructure in place, details of which are:

  • Offices in major garmenting districts like Chennai, and Bangalore.
  • Centralized warehouse, the size of which is around 20,000 square feet. Located in Bangalore.
  • Marketing, staffed with a marketing head, support staff in marketing executives and sales executives, a logistics team handling delivers and supplies supporting the distribution of fabrics. Overall a comprehensive and a professional outfit.
  • Future plans of establishing branded garment network for the retail market.